Przenoszenie przedmiotów sztuki

Galeria ON, Poznań

Mother Pole presents another aspect
of her life - shopping.
Countless amounts of bags and plastic bags which are
an inseparable characeristic of hers.
This is the reason for "Carrying Objects of Art"
- an activity proposed by me.
What can be carried in a plastic bag? Is an ordinary plastic bag a piece of art? Can carrying art objects in a plastic bag be art, and if so, when it happens?
Fascinated with classic polish plastic bags, which have little in common with advertising, I tried to adjust to people in the polish street exhibiting my own bags.

It is genuine pleasure to invite you to come and take part in
the 5th Event called
[psheno'shenye pshed'myotoov shtooky]
which means 'Carrying the Objects of Art'.

What you do is simply:
Take a set of cardboard boxes off the hanger.
Each set contains 2 pieces.
The cardboard box containing a reklamówka [reklamoovka] - plastic carrier bag with a print in Polish on it - is meant for you. Take it, it is now yours.
Put a small object which you have owned and can give me
into the other, empty cardboard box.
In the space provided put your full name and address.
If you like, you may also write a brief description
of the object you gave me.
Close the box and place it back on the hanger.
Use your carrier bag anytime to carry objects
which you consider to be Art.
Przenoszenie przedmiotów sztuki
Przenoszenie przedmiotów sztuki
Przenoszenie przedmiotów sztuki
Przenoszenie przedmiotów sztuki